Three Gryphons Carving Studio


Course Instructor: Norman Pease

I worked the first part of my adult life in restaurant management. As part of that experience I helped develop, and implement the companies training programs. Later, my store became the regional training store for new managers. In 1985 I left that industry to begin a new career in woodworking. I was hired as an apprentice by a Bucks County cabinet shop, and I fell in love. The sounds, the smell of wood, the furniture, and a patient mentor in the shop supervisor helped me to overcome my lack of skills and move up in the company.

As the company grew, so did my responsibilities. After 12 yrs. I was made General Manager of production. Throughout my tenure, I taught myself to carve wood. As I gained expertise, the owner added ornamental carving to his wide network of dealers. In 2002 I decided to leave management once again, and, this time, start my own enterprise. Three Gryphons Carving Studio was born.

I began working out of the basement of my home in East Greenville, PA.  and soon found the need and purchased a lathe. For the next few years I provided both carvings and turnings to cabinet makers and architects. As my sales grew, so did my work week. It was time to find a method to produce carvings more quickly. In 2007 I purchased a 3 axis CNC router with a 4th axis add-on, and moved the business out of my home and into its current location in Royersford, Pa.

For years, friends, associates, and clients asked if I offered classes. Until now, the answer had always been “no.” I am pleased to be able to share what I have learned over the years with those passionate wood workers who want to add carving to their repertoire.