Mostly Hand Tool Woodworking

Date: Sold out

Time: 8AM to 4:30PM

Registration Fee: $250.00

Course requirements: None

Minimum Enrollment: 6

Gift Certificates available!

You walk into a home center to buy some chisels or a hand plane and they just never seem to work right.  Is it the tool or the fool? Well, sometimes it is the tool.  But most times it is because the tools are never right just out of the box (or blister pack).

On this 1 day class we will show the best choices for planes, chisels, and dovetail saws, as well as power sharpening devices and water stones. We will demonstrate how to properly sharpen chisels and plane irons and keep them sharp.  You will learn how power sharpening devices and water stones can co-exist.  We will use Japanese saws and demonstrate between Japanese and Western tools.

We will make a dovetailed box utilizing pre-cut parts and assemble them after practicing on several dovetailed lessons.

Hand tools.

Course Prerequisite:


Tools required:

  1. 4″ or 6″ double square
  2. Tape measure
  3. 6″ rule
  4. Dovetail saw (optional)
  5. Bench Chisels 1/4″ – 3/4″ (optional)
  6. #4 hand plane (optional)
  7. Block plane (optional)

The above optional tools are available in the shop for you to try before buying for personal use, or we can make recommendations for your purchase beforehand so you can bring them with you to the class for sharpening to use correctly on your projects at home or shop. For instance, a set of 4 bench chisels from Narex or Wood River can be purchased from Woodcraft.