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We offer classes teaching basic to advanced woodworking techniques in a working furniture studio. In my 30 plus years of woodworking I have mentored many apprentices who have gone on to successful woodworking careers of their own. Whether you are an absolute beginner, or a self taught woodworker just looking to expand your knowledge base, we have the expertise to guide you. Since we build furniture and cabinetry for a living, we use machines to speed up the process, however realize that hand tools are equally important. There are some techniques that are only possible with chisels and hand planes. Therefore, although we will demonstrate proper use of all machinery, it will be imperative to know the ins and outs of hand tool use. In woodworking there is no one right way of doing any process. That is why when going over techniques we will offer several methods of work, allowing you to select the one that is right for you, such as cutting dovetails by hand with a dovetail saw and chisel; using a router and dovetail jig; or using the table saw and band saw. What matters is the end result and what is comfortable for you. Our classes are small so that everyone will get the personal guidance they need. We concentrate not just on the “how” of doing things but also on the “why”. In all of our classes the “why” will be emphasized just as much as the “how”, for I feel the “why” is the reason wwoodworking 2 class 2-22-2014 002e are all attracted to woodworking in the first place. Let us show you how to start or augment your woodworking experience in a comfortable and supportive environment.