Spray Finishing & Hand Applied Finishes

Date: To Be Scheduled in 2024
Registration Fee: $495.00
Course requirements: None
Minimum Enrollment: 6
Gift Certificates available!


aug 7 shop 014This class is an overview of finishing techniques from hand rubbed finishes to spraying lacquers and polyurethanes.  We will explain how to properly sand to get a professional result, what abrasives to use, how much to sand, logical layering of stains, glazes and fillers, sanding between coats, and rubbing out finishes.  We will discuss various products readily available, and products you probably didn’t know existed.  We will show spray techniques from gravity feed guns to air assist airless systems.  We will cover safety issues and clean up procedures.  We will use both water based and solvent based products.

Tools required: None. We will provide door samples for practice on that you will take home, or you may bring in a previously made small project for finishing.


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