Introduction To Veneering

Veneering is popular due to the wide selection of woods that are only available in veneer form.  Veneering panels or table tops diminish the seasonal movement caused with solid wood only construction and open up new design horizons.  In this course we will cover many aspects of veneer, such as:

  1. Where and how to buy veneeraug 7 shop 013
  2. What makes one flitch better than another
  3. How to seam up and join veneer
  4. Best substrates and glues for veneering.
  5. Clamping to forms
  6. Veneering with a vacuum press
  7. Edge details of veneered tabletops or panels
  8. Common veneering mistakes and how to fix them

Participants will learn by building a small table top, box lid, or curved apron for a small table.

Course pre-requisite:

Introduction to Furniture and Cabinetmaking 1 or verbal skill interview determination

Tools required:Macassar Ebony veneered crown molding 002

  1. Tape measure
  2. Framing square
  3. Combo square
  4. Box knife
  5. Cabinet scraper




New classes coming soon for 2017.  Call for info!